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Monument Square Music is a community music school founded by pianist Joe Mazzarella and singer/songwriter Stephanie Rogers. Joe and Stephanie have a unique vision of music education for all ages – from very young children to adult students who are interested in learning an instrument that they’ve long desired to play. Faculty at the Monument Square Music School is made up of extremely skilled, experienced private teachers who can properly teach technique, sight-reading, rhythm, ear-training, theory, harmony, and composition.

Learning Through Music Performance

Monuments Square Music students have many opportunities to perform on their instrument or voice, so that they will become comfortable performers.  We hold coffee houses and jam sessions several times per semester, and a recital every year at the end of the spring semester.  We love to have students of all levels perform.  We feel that it’s especially important for our beginners to get used to performing and for our advanced players to show their skills!  In recitals, students have the chance to play with professional bands and faculty members, as well as perform with their peers.  It is a rewarding experience for students to work hard all semester and then successfully perform their songs in the recital.

Music for Every Taste

At Monument Square Music, we try to put more stress on the “listening” aspect of music, and find that when students have a wider knowledge of music, they tend to want to learn to play in different styles. We want to expose our students to all genres of music and encourage them to attend live performances.

Wide variety of instruments offered

We have instructors for most instruments, including piano, bass, drums, sax, voice, trumpet, clarinet, flute, violin, cello, banjo, mandolin, and guitar.  We love that we can give students the option to study so many instruments with our fantastic teachers!

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