Adult Music Lessons

Private lessons for all ages

Learning to play an instrument isn’t just for children. Music is a life-long skill that we encourage adults to continue developing no matter how much or little experience they have.

Adults can become great players too!

Our teachers have had much success teaching adult students who are motivated and practice persistently.  In fact, most adults can focus better than young children, which helps them acquire advanced skills and understand important musical concepts.

Learning an instrument will keep you “sharp”, both mentally and physically.

Playing an instrument regularly keeps your motor skills and coordination in tip-top shape! This is especially true for older adults who want to keep themselves fit. Playing music is also very relaxing, and can quickly become the most stress-relieving part of your day.

You’ve always wanted to learn an instrument…

If you’ve always regretted not learning voice, piano, guitar, or any other instrument music lessons are something that you should consider.  If you can find time to practice a little bit everyday, we can teach you an instrument and help you fulfill one of your dreams.

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