Fall 2017 Music Lessons

We hope all of our students are enjoying a relaxing summer vacation! Here at Monument Square Music, we enjoy hearing our summer session students fill the halls with bright, beautiful music all summer long and are excited to have everyone rejoin us in the fall. As we prepare for the new school year, keep an eye out for new faculty, programs, and of course, new students! Registration for fall music lessons is now open, and anyone interested can register here.

2017 Music lessons in Downtown Leominster at our new location!

Monument Square Community Music school is happy to announce that we will be relocating our music lesson program to downtown Leominster, where we have been giving lessons since November 2017! We love having a store front and being located right in the heart of things in Leominster’s up and coming downtown. We truly hope to enhance Leominster’s art and music scene and we are excited to bring our amazing teachers to the new location. Our school has been growing steadily since we opened our doors in 2012 and it was time to get a new hip spot and take the school to the next level! As always, our music school has a rolling admission, so feel free to register at any time in the semester. It is easy to fill out the registration form here; http://monumentsquaremusic.com/register/private-lessons-registration/  We have expanded our faculty roster and are ready to take on new piano, voice, guitar, drums, bass, sax, flute, and strings students for the new year.

The move took a great of amount of construction and redesigning and we are so pleased with how everything came out. In November, we opened the new space to the public at an open house that included performances from many of the teachers and students. It was a blast! We are grateful to the many family and friends who showed up as well as the press and writers and photographers from the local newspaper; helping us spread the word about our new location! The open house gave us a taste of things to come, and showed us the possibilities of having concerts and performances from teachers, students and other musicians in our space. We think we have something special happening and we are excited to see what the future brings at 20 Main St.!

Here is an article from one of the local newspapers that attended; http://www.leominsterchamp.com/articles/monument-square-music-school-moves-to-new-location/


Fall 2016 Music Lessons

Register for fall lessons today! Give us a call at 617-823-1848 or an e-mail at monumentsquaremusic@gmail.com to register. We have amazing teachers for piano, voice, guitar, bass, drums, saxophone, violin, and cello lessons all right in downtown Leominster MA. We had a great time last year with all of the students and teachers and it has been a pleasure to watch the students grow into musicians. We are grateful to the parents and students, some of who have been with us since we opened our doors four years ago and we are really looking forward to starting off 2016! We are also blessed to have such a great roster of teachers on our faculty. You can check out our teachers’ biographies on this page; http://monumentsquaremusic.com/about/instructors/ We also added three new teachers last year in James Dower, Lizzy Marquis, and Michael Rice. They are all exceptional musicians who also happen to be great teachers! We consider our teachers to be the centerpiece of our school so we have concentrated on getting the best of the best. We feel like our high standard of teachers has definitely had an enormous impact on our music students and we can’t wait to continue serving this community with music lessons!

It’s time for Kiddie Music!

Calling all music lovers! Looking for parents that want to introduce their children at a young age to the art of music, and the fun and joy that comes along with it! Monument Square Music’s new program, Kiddie Music Time, is going to be a wonderful bonding time for children and their parents as they will sing along with classic and brand new children’s songs. The kids will play with instruments, dance, and play various musical games. As a songwriter, I am very excited to venture out and start writing fun and lively kids songs for the children to learn and enjoy. I also plan to implement some Latin rhythms and lyrics into some of the songs and activities to widen the cultural learning experience. I look forward to starting our program in October 2012. I hope to see you there!

Stephanie Rogers

Announcing the Opening of Monument Square Community Music School

Monument Square just got some new sounds. Opening its doors for its inaugural semester, Leominster MA’s brand new Monument Square Community Music School is now in session.

Monument Square Music provides educational opportunities to music-lovers of all ages including, private lessons and  “Kiddie Music Time” group classes for toddlers and young children. Our instructors teach a variety of instruments, styles, and techniques. There’s something for everyone!