Private Lessons Pricing

School Year (September-June) 

The cost of enrolling in private lessons during the school year is $110 per month from September-June. There are 34 lesson weeks during this period so the cost averages out to $32.35 per lesson. Lessons are usually  a half hour long. Students can have one excused absence each semester, which they make up during the make-up week. If more than one absence is needed teachers can give makeups depending upon their availability.  The payments of $110 per month during the school year are an average of 2,3,4, and 5 week months. Basically we are dividing the tuition for the year into 10 monthly payments. We do this because most people prefer this system rather than paying one large amount.

The last day to drop lessons for the school year is April 30. If you decide to drop after that week, you will still be charged for May and June.  June is usually a short month. 

If you drop lessons during the year please try to give a month’s notice. It’s important that we keep the teacher’s schedules full and giving us notice gives time for us to fill the teacher’s slot.

For the summer session, three to six lessons are scheduled with the teacher. The payment is made at the beginning of the summer for those lessons ($32.35 each). 


Payment types

We accept credit card and ACH payments. All payments should be made monthly and we set up automatic payments through your checking account.

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