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Aug 22nd


By JoeyMazz

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Summer is coming to an and we are getting ready for another year at Monument Square Music School! We can’t wait to start this school year with our great teachers and students. Many new students have already signed up and it is always great to see so many people begin to learn a new instrument. Every single day we see the confidence learning an instrument and singing can give to a child. We witness over and over again the creative thinking and coordination skills people develop while learning an instrument. We truly see the joy and the sense of accomplishment children and adults gain when overcoming the challenges of learning the language of music! I believe that music is one of the most difficult skills that a person can learn and it does take a great commitment on the part of the student and the teacher; getting through the basics, learning the theory, developing the technique, training the ear, developing the musical memory.. All tough stuff and all of these aspects being tested and improved each week every song learned! With a little bit of practice every day and weekly lessons students progress to the point where the instrument (or voice) becomes a joy to play instead of a beast to conquer! Our teachers try to teach music gradually so nothing is overwhelming. It is always a goal of ours to make sure that the student has a great time and loves what they are doing.

If you are interested in signing up for fall session check out the bios of our truly amazing faculty at this link http://monumentsquaremusic.com/about/instructors/ and register here; http://monumentsquaremusic.com/register/register/! We are so very lucky to have such high quality musicians on our faculty. Getting great teachers has always been our priority since we started the school 3 years ago. We don’t sell instruments, cables, or guitar picks! We decided from the start to concentrate on music instruction and we think great teachers have helped our students blossom and see the results every year at our recital!

Stephanie works with one of her students Hannah at Monument Square Music School

Stephanie works with one of her students Hannah at Monument Square Music School



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