2017 Music lessons in Downtown Leominster at our new location!

Monument Square Community Music school is happy to announce that we will be relocating our music lesson program to downtown Leominster, where we have been giving lessons since November 2017! We love having a store front and being located right in the heart of things in Leominster’s up and coming downtown. We truly hope to enhance Leominster’s art and music scene and we are excited to bring our amazing teachers to the new location. Our school has been growing steadily since we opened our doors in 2012 and it was time to get a new hip spot and take the school to the next level! As always, our music school has a rolling admission, so feel free to register at any time in the semester. It is easy to fill out the registration form here; http://monumentsquaremusic.com/register/private-lessons-registration/ ¬†We have expanded our faculty roster and are ready to take on new piano, voice, guitar, drums, bass, sax, flute, and strings students for the new year.

The move took a great of amount of construction and redesigning and we are so pleased with how everything came out. In November, we opened the new space to the public at an open house that included performances from many of the teachers and students. It was a blast! We are grateful to the many family and friends who showed up as well as the press and writers and photographers from the local newspaper; helping us spread the word about our new location! The open house gave us a taste of things to come, and showed us the possibilities of having concerts and performances from teachers, students and other musicians in our space. We think we have something special happening and we are excited to see what the future brings at 20 Main St.!

Here is an article from one of the local newspapers that attended; http://www.leominsterchamp.com/articles/monument-square-music-school-moves-to-new-location/