Fall 2020 Music lessons

We are so grateful to be back teaching music lessons again for another school year. Things look and feel different now that we have converted to mostly online. We still have our awesome location, a store front in downtown Leominster ready for when we get back to in-person lessons, but the online lessons are going very smoothly and we are lucky that we can continue teaching, learning and playing even through the pandemic. We are still offering lessons for all instruments and we have even added a trumpet teacher Brian Koning and piano teacher Maya Douglas. Both of these musicians are fantastic players and great teachers. We haven’t offered trumpet lessons in a while so it is good to be able to complete our roster and with such a fantastic musician. Brian plays in the Worcester jazz collective and also is a great composer and arranger. Maya is a fantastic classical pianist with a very unique style, and someone we are very excited to have on board. Late last semester a great singer and songwriter, Hannah Robuccio also joined our faculty and is accepting vocal students. Here’s a clip of Hannah https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zewHfz-tr9Q

We are so excited for the new school year! Getting three new fantastic teachers is so exciting for us and we are always passionate about having top notch faculty on our team and I think that is one of the things that makes our school so successful and one of the reasons our students excel!

To sign up for online lessons contact us at +1 (978) 751-5749 or email us at monumentsquaremusic@gmail.com