Online lessons for the fall 2020 semester!

Last spring and this summer’s lessons have been virtual… and it is going great!  This is something we have been thinking about doing for years and we are so grateful that we were still able to provide lessons during the pandemic. We still have our space in downtown Leominster and are ready to start music lessons in person when parents and teachers feel it is safe, but in the meantime this is working so well, and in some ways is more convenient and more comfortable for students. Not only that but we were able to expand our student base and now are teaching students from all over the country. We also have added two amazing teachers to our already fantastic faculty list and truly feel so positive and optimistic about the upcoming season!

For my personal students, I have noticed that they have all become so much more independent since virtual lessons started in March. They have had to keep time (rhythm) by themselves and be completely independent as performers. I have found ways to have them perform with play-alongs, and youtube has turned out to be a great source for that, but the independence my students have gained playing alone, particularly rhythmically, has been a happy surprise for me.

I think online lessons are a thing everybody should try. For some people it works BETTER than in person lessons. Everyone is different but I suspect some students will choose to remain virtual even when in person lessons start back up.  The pandemic forced us into a bit of an experiment with virtual lessons starting in March but I am so happy to report overwhelmingly positive results. I also know that we will continue to improve the virtual lessons experience with technology in sound and video, and this format will continue to expand!

To sign up for online lessons contact us at +1 (978) 751-5749 or email us at

We are so excited to be able to do online lesson for fall 2020.
We are so excited to be able to do online lesson for fall 2020.


Contact us today to sign for fall semester lessons. Online lesssons have been going great and we can’t wait to get started for the fall.