Summer Session 2014- Music lessons have started!

We are getting back in the swing of things here at Monument Square Music and kids and parents are starting to trickle in after a 2 week break from music lessons. The last two weeks have been a good chance to unwind from an awesome year in music lessons ending with a recital at Unitarian Church in Leominster in June where the all the kids played SO WELL! The church is such a cool spot for a student recital and the students and families had a blast. Students also got a chance to play with some of the teachers and there were some great jams happening! There were drum, voice, piano, and violin students playing a in WIDE variety of genres from pop to classical to jazz to rock and everything in between. It is refreshing to watch and hear these kids as young as 4 and 5 years old get up on stage and really perform so well. It is also great to see the improvement of students as they progress through years and get older and develop into great players. We can’t wait until the next recital! I also wanted to point out some dates for students hoping to sign up for classes and current students.  Summer session runs until August 23rd and students can sign up at anytime. The Fall session starts on September 8.  For those interested in Kiddie Music Time signups, the weekly 11am Saturday classes start on September 27th and run through December 6.  Click here for Kiddie Music Time Registration. For private lessons please give us an e-mail at or a phone call at 617-823-1848 and we will get you all set up with one of our teachers. We are currently offering piano, drums, bass, guitar, banjo, sax, trumpet, flute, violin, cello, and voice lessons. We are looking forward to seeing all of our students this summer and meeting all the new ones!

Children’s music class.. spring session starting on May 10th!

Hello Kiddie Music Time friends!  We hope that you are having a fun and happy Springtime! For those of you who don’t know, “Kiddie Music Time” is Monument Square Music’s group children’s music class for ages 1-5.  Classes are held at Monument Square Music School’s studios right in downtown Leominster.  The spring semester of Kiddie Music Time’s weekly Saturday classes start on May 10th at 11:00 am and run through June 14th.   That’s 6 weeks of music fun and learning!

We have a ton of new games and songs in store for this session to give kids a fun introduction to music.  We always concentrate on developing rhythm, melody, harmony, and dance along with encouraging a love and appreciation of music that will last a lifetime.  Kids learn music by jamming out, dancing and singing to a live pianist and the class is lead by Monument Square Music’s voice teacher, Stephanie Rogers.  Stephanie Rogers and the pianist Joe Mazzarella compose much of the music, making Kiddie Music Time a unique experience for parents and children alike.  What a great way to spend time with your kids!

Please contact us soon if you plan on signing up your children for the class and we can register you by phone.  You can also register by clicking on this link Kiddie Music Time Registration, and filling out the form.  We look forward to seeing you all soon, and can’t wait for the fun to begin!

Caylynn jamming
Kiddie Music Time students in action, jamming out the groove!

Happy New Year from Monument Square Music School!

Music Lessons for the New Year

The Monument Square Music School has kicked off the New Year and new semester in a great way – with many new students for private lessons to welcome to our school, new talented instructors joining our faculty, and of course we can’t forget to mention the adorable, new little faces in the Kiddie Music Time group class for ages 1-5! The first class was lots of fun and we are still accepting registrations for this semester…so it’s not too late to sign up the kiddies for a music education class full of song and dance!

It’s always refreshing to start a New Year.  It’s a time to make new beginnings and a fresh start.  Many of our new students are taking a risk and trying something new, something that they’ve always wanted to do.  Music lessons are  rewarding in many different ways.  Learning an instrument is difficult and not for everybody, but the accomplished feeling and the joy a student experiences when they master a concept, learn how to read music, learn a new song, have a great performance, or even compose a new song is priceless!  Music is difficult to master, but it is a skill that a great student will retain for life.  It could be compared to becoming fluent in another language, becoming a master in a martial art, or becoming an amazing dancer.   It takes time, and practice, and hard work, but nothing worth getting is easy!  The joy of progress is something that our teachers get to see over and over again, and probably why we love to teach in the first place.  We are grateful to have a chance to pass on our knowledge and talents to students, and love to musically serve the Leominster/Fitchburg/Sterling area!  From all of us at Monument Square Music… we would love to wish you Happy New Year!

Music Lessons in Leominster, Fitchburg, Sterling, Lunenburg MA

**Hello dear music loving friends! ‘Tis the Holiday season and what better gift to give your children/loved ones than the gift of…MUSIC. Monument Square Music School has excellent teachers  for ALL different instruments and styles.  How about a singing lesson for an interested child, or guitar or drum lessons for the rocker kids out there?  or..  Maybe a couple of  piano lessons for a spouse or loved one who has always wanted to learn to play the piano…  We will assist you in getting the right teacher and even help you find the best instrument.  Music lessons can have a huge impact on a child’s life and we feel like there’s no better gift to give!

 For the kiddies ages 1-5, who are sometimes a little too young to take private lessons, we offer our great program “Kiddie Music Time” – group classes fun-filled with dancing, singing, and playing instruments to introduce children to the joy of music at a young age! Time and time again, children who attend these group toddler/young children classes, go on to become fantastic musicians.  They develop the skills of rhythm and pitch to the point where music is a very natural thing for them.  This is such an important part of school, because if the Kiddie Music Time Students want to take lessons when they are a little bit older we can send them to teachers with all the skills they need! This improves our school, and it improves the Leominster, Fitchburg, Sterling, Lunenburg MA music scene, which is always our goal in the end anyways! The new semester is starting in January… contact us for more information or sign up TODAY!
Gift Certificates are available through mail or e-mail, or you can make an appointment to drop by the school, check out our facilities, and pick up a gift certificate!  We are DEFINITELY looking forward to the next semester!

It’s time for Kiddie Music!

Calling all music lovers! Looking for parents that want to introduce their children at a young age to the art of music, and the fun and joy that comes along with it! Monument Square Music’s new program, Kiddie Music Time, is going to be a wonderful bonding time for children and their parents as they will sing along with classic and brand new children’s songs. The kids will play with instruments, dance, and play various musical games. As a songwriter, I am very excited to venture out and start writing fun and lively kids songs for the children to learn and enjoy. I also plan to implement some Latin rhythms and lyrics into some of the songs and activities to widen the cultural learning experience. I look forward to starting our program in October 2012. I hope to see you there!

Stephanie Rogers