Music Lessons in Leominster, Fitchburg, Sterling, Lunenburg MA

**Hello dear music loving friends! ‘Tis the Holiday season and what better gift to give your children/loved ones than the gift of…MUSIC. Monument Square Music School has excellent teachers  for ALL different instruments and styles.  How about a singing lesson for an interested child, or guitar or drum lessons for the rocker kids out there?  or..  Maybe a couple of  piano lessons for a spouse or loved one who has always wanted to learn to play the piano…  We will assist you in getting the right teacher and even help you find the best instrument.  Music lessons can have a huge impact on a child’s life and we feel like there’s no better gift to give!

 For the kiddies ages 1-5, who are sometimes a little too young to take private lessons, we offer our great program “Kiddie Music Time” – group classes fun-filled with dancing, singing, and playing instruments to introduce children to the joy of music at a young age! Time and time again, children who attend these group toddler/young children classes, go on to become fantastic musicians.  They develop the skills of rhythm and pitch to the point where music is a very natural thing for them.  This is such an important part of school, because if the Kiddie Music Time Students want to take lessons when they are a little bit older we can send them to teachers with all the skills they need! This improves our school, and it improves the Leominster, Fitchburg, Sterling, Lunenburg MA music scene, which is always our goal in the end anyways! The new semester is starting in January… contact us for more information or sign up TODAY!
Gift Certificates are available through mail or e-mail, or you can make an appointment to drop by the school, check out our facilities, and pick up a gift certificate!  We are DEFINITELY looking forward to the next semester!

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