Happy New Year from Monument Square Music School!

Music Lessons for the New Year

The Monument Square Music School has kicked off the New Year and new semester in a great way – with many new students for private lessons to welcome to our school, new talented instructors joining our faculty, and of course we can’t forget to mention the adorable, new little faces in the Kiddie Music Time group class for ages 1-5! The first class was lots of fun and we are still accepting registrations for this semester…so it’s not too late to sign up the kiddies for a music education class full of song and dance!

It’s always refreshing to start a New Year.  It’s a time to make new beginnings and a fresh start.  Many of our new students are taking a risk and trying something new, something that they’ve always wanted to do.  Music lessons are  rewarding in many different ways.  Learning an instrument is difficult and not for everybody, but the accomplished feeling and the joy a student experiences when they master a concept, learn how to read music, learn a new song, have a great performance, or even compose a new song is priceless!  Music is difficult to master, but it is a skill that a great student will retain for life.  It could be compared to becoming fluent in another language, becoming a master in a martial art, or becoming an amazing dancer.   It takes time, and practice, and hard work, but nothing worth getting is easy!  The joy of progress is something that our teachers get to see over and over again, and probably why we love to teach in the first place.  We are grateful to have a chance to pass on our knowledge and talents to students, and love to musically serve the Leominster/Fitchburg/Sterling area!  From all of us at Monument Square Music… we would love to wish you Happy New Year!

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